The Anacortes Project 

A "remodel" in a technical sense, this project began with demolishing a 3500 sq ft home from 1934 and rebuilding off the old foundation. Desgined by Underwood and Associates, this 3300 sq ft home features modern design, rececyled elements from the previous structure, a fusion of metal and wooden features, and a whole lot of pinterest ideas. This project is credited with Oak & Iron's beginning and growth, starting from a one man operation and expanding to multiple members and a broader scope. As the general conctractor, Oak & Iron is credited with all project management, elements of the framing, installation of siding, floors, cabinets, doors, windows, decks, trim and finish work and more.


The Deming Project 

This project involved replacing the siding of an older octagon shaped building. After demo and weatherproofing, we installed cedar trim and bellyband, metal panels, and new soffit and fascia to give our clients home a much improved appearance.