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A "remodel" in a technical sense, this project began with demolishing a 3500 sq ft home from 1934 and rebuilding off the old foundation. Designed by Underwood and Associates, this 3300 sq ft home features modern design, recycled elements from the previous structure, a fusion of metal and wooden features, and a whole lot of Pinterest ideas. This project is credited with Oak & Iron's beginning and growth, starting from a one-man operation and expanding to multiple members and a broader scope. As the general contractor, Oak & Iron is credited with all project management, elements of the construction, installation of the majority of finishes including siding, floors, cabinets, doors, windows, decks, trim and woodworking, and more.


This project involved replacing the siding of an older octagon shaped building. After demo and weatherproofing, we installed cedar trim and bellyband, metal panels, and new soffit and fascia to give our clients home a much-improved appearance.


The first stage of this project included demolition and reframing of the gable wall of this occupied pole barn. Next the interior and exterior was redesigned and finished by the Oak & Iron Crew, including new windows, French door, metal siding, drywall and trim.


Another complete tear off and residing project, this huge home was updated with Hardie plank, a new 2nd level deck, exterior doors, windows, trim and paint. 


This project was to finish the basement of an old home in the Colombia neighborhood that was lifted onto a new foundation. New walls were framed and finished to add more space to the home. Included were elements of design, create ways to incorporate existing basement features, and tricky installation to make a space perfect for the homeowners.


The scope of this project was to remove an existing carport and roof deck and tie an addition onto this house on the shores of Lake Whatcom. Included with the reframing and interior remodel, was the installation of new siding and windows throughout. Interior progress soon to come.


Adding an addition to this old home in the Colombia Neighborhood was no easy task. Along with a new foundation and a load of structural reinforcements, the project involved a tricky demo and challenges timing in new to old. The main floor was leveled, the second floor was rebuilt, walls were rebuilt, and the in interior and exterior finishes were done in house by Oak & Iron. 


Another old house, another second floor. Oak & Iron took this one through demolition, framing, and the exterior remodel. 


A Fairhaven condo in need of some upgrades, this project is near completion with beautiful finishes to pair with its views of the bay. New floors, cabinets, tile, fixtures, and a built in fireplace will revitalize this space designed by Spiral Design Studios.


During the Great Freeze of 2022, this home was hit with burst pipes all over the place. Oak & Iron came in and gutted the damaged areas of this home and refurbished it to its historical prime. Complete with custom matching moldings, new Oak floors, and upgrades to storage, function, and appearance, this was a tricky home to restore.


This one sums up the concept of the open floorpan. The Oak & Iron crew demo'd and removed the interior walls and threw up a couple giant beams to open up this space. Along with several other upgrades to this home, the finishes will be coming soon.

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